White Liming

White Liming

For a Scandinavian, sleek modern look, white liming on American oak is a no brainer. To really get the full effective of the white liming we start off with wire brushing the timber, to really pronounce the grain, and then wipe on and off the liming mix.

We can do a white lime for interior and exterior application. Keep in mind that the more pronounced the grain structure is before wire brushing, better the liming effect will be.

To seal the timber we finish it in an acrylic clear. New sealing options to come.

Timber options to choose from are;

Recycled Blonde's
Recycled Tallow
New BlackButt
New Tallow
New American Oak

Samples volumes fluctuate, so please get in contact if you need more than available online.

All options are out of stock
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