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What does your space say about you?

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We use the term 'Features' to categorise stand alone products that are designed and made to set a tone or context apart from the rest of the finishes. The effectiveness of the feature is set through design, context and finish. Below are some examples fo feature pieces that we have competed.

The image below is of a bedhead that we competed in random rustic timbers that tied the existing sand stock bricks to the strong wall colours providing an organic take on a traditional bedroom.

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Features don't need to dominate a room, but should be at least inspire a nod to the values that matter to you, as demonstrated in the image below of a complex staircase and Wine Cellar that we completed for an Architect who on this job painted a highly technical modern masterpiece with a Pallet of Natural Materials.

The image below shows an American walnut staircase we built or the client including 2 storey tall screen with black mirror and smoked glass integrating a mechanically cooled wine cellar underneath.

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Sometimes changing the shape from the norm provides enough feature without needing dominating or demanding finish

The image below shows a series of boxes as an alternative to floating shelves or a traditional cabinets. Framing the artworks and memorabilia rather than merely displaying.

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Common Features



  • Feature walls which we would normally make CLT panels 15mm thick and up to 1200wide x 3300long in the factory for installing on French Cleats (Split Battens)
  • Can be varying thickness and lengths for 3D effect
  • Can be multiple species and finishes or single species
  • Can be supplied or installed as individual components
  • Posts and Beams can be clad similar to wall panelling but with Finger Jointed mitred corners, internal will be 15mm thick cladding, External 30mm thick
Recycled timber wall panelling plus recycled timber island bench top and stable door


  • Bed Heads, Consoles, Sideboards, Tables, Chairs, TV Units, Display Cases, Mantle pieces
    • Tend to be bespoke designs  to suit the needs of the individual piece
    • Commonly fabricated from either 15mm solid or 30mm thick Lightweight CLT boards skinned with appropriate recycled timbers
    • Shelving can be Floating (no visible fixing) or fixed with timber or metal brackets as wall fixing, budget and aesthetics dictate. We can also make 46mm, 70mm or 95mm thick lightweight boards for a much higher perceived value.
    • Mantle Pieces tend to be solid timbers, either old wharf, bridge or warehouse timbers with sizes dictated more by whats available of a relevant scale and finish than what might be specified.

Mantle Piece shown below is made rom an old telegraph pole. Very solid with some great knots and bolt holes as features.

Mantle Piece

The post shown below is actually a mitre locked box beam that is fitted around a steel post. Mitre locking is a continuous finger jointed mitre that hides the corners of the timber making 4 pieces look like one.

recycled timber box post

More Box beams below fitted around steel purlins from this old workshop conversion. As it is getting increasingly difficult to find large section size or long length timbers, box beams are a time and cost effective alternative.

Recycled timber box beams

With this vanity below, the bridge timber bench top and mirror frame provide a gravitas and organic look that is very hard to achieve with stone or painted finishes. With the hard wax oils that we use to finish the timbers, re finishing becomes a simple light sand and re-coat exercise on site.

Bathroom Vanity with recycled timber top