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Finishes and Themes

Industrial/ Rustic

Great way to bring character and warmth into your home

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Weathered timbers, brushed to remove splinters leave the original saw and wear marks. Colouring will be impacted by exposure to sunlight, dirt and in some cases smoke. Grey weathered timbers are most sought after and consequently rare plus require more handwork to preserve the rustic aesthetic.

We use a handful of finishing techniques for our Rustic style:

  • Washed and Brushed - where timbers are washed and brushed with either wire, nylon or sisal brushes to smooth rough grain and remove splinters.
  • Oiled - Externally we use a preservative oil that will require re coating anywhere from 3 months to 3 years depending on your tolerance for timber bleaching.  Internally we use a hardwax oil, which darkens the natural timber colour but gives a gorgeous silky smooth feel and is very easy to resend and re-coat.
  • Stain/ Clear Water Acrylic provides a longer service life than oils so ideal for well protected areas or low maintenance preferred applications.


Clean Lines, simple, elegant with understated practical features. Preferably hand panted to provide subtle texture to this traditional and classic style. Commonly seen in high end residential doors and on traditional cabinets.

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Hampton style is very clean substantial look with painted surfaces contrasting with feature natural finishes like stone, iron or timber. Paint finishes can be rubbed back to show subtle colour changes of different layers of paint or aged with coloured waxes to give the timeless, comfortable classic look.

  • Timbers sanded and lightly brushed to ensure subtle grain emphasising genuine solid timber used
  • Oil or Acrylic paints in Satin, Matte or special finishes as needed
  • Strong colours can provide a wonderful contrast with natural materials.
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Clean and minimal, making the function the feature.

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Our trade origins can be found in my fathers Danish heritage. As a shipwright and Master craftsman, Jens has imparted a culture of discipline in all aspects of the business from a respect for the tree that provides the wood to focusing on only that which matters to achieve an outcome worthy of everyones effort.

In our Scandinavian theme we leave the timber to be timber, finished with subtle Matte oils and waxes that feel soft and smooth. Where the grain needs carving out to remove hard edges or splinters we do, blending the carving with the natural grain. Where a joint is required, we make a feature of it, where strength is required, we ensure it is obvious.

  • Dressed, Sanded and Brushed the timbers are polished to a soft smooth finish, often with undulations following natural features or old bolt holes
  • Oiled with an hard-wax Matte oil or Matt acrylic that leaves the timber smooth to touch and is relatively easy to re-coat if damaged or worn
  • We can "lime" the timbers to lighten and soften the natural wood tones
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