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    Where functional meets design

  • The Forgiving Option

    All vanities and bench top are custom made to your desired size and finish, giving you exactly what you want and needed for your kitchen or bathroom.


    Like our doors, every bench top or vanity is unique so we can guarantee no one else has your exact bench top or vanity.


    Movement is natural in all timber, and to help limit the movement, we recommend using our standard demolition timber range, kiln dried new timbers or railway sleeper cores but are not restricted to these options.


    Our standard thickness for bench tops or a vanity perimeter frame is 35mm - 60mm. The thicker the edges, the more luxurious it feels.



    Not sure what would look best for your kitchen or bathroom?Ggive our friendly team a call to discuss all options, and take advantage of our rough and ready photoshopping skills!


  • Bench tops or Vanity's

    When something a bit special is needed

    Bench tops

    Traditionally kitchens had solid timber bench tops and were used without chopping boards to protect them. When you look at those bench tops now, they are cupped, pulling away from the bench, and mouldy. To keep the bench top straight and cleanable, we make all bench tops and vanity's from our recycled core with 6-12mm hardwood skins on both sides. It looks and feels like a solid hardwood bench top without the extreme cupping and twisting from using solid hardwood.


    Durable, warming and easy to maintain, a timber vanity is quickly becoming a must have in all bathrooms.


    Using hardwood skins and easy to maintain oil finishes, our vanity's are ready for the test of time, and can come in either floating or standing. Draws, doors, marble tops and intergraded shelving is all avalible.


    Shaving Cabinet

    Extra Space for all of the little things in life.


    Shaving cabinets are a great way to create storage and add a fun new element to the bathroom. Whether you need one mirror, one shelf or even a place for your most recent house plant, we can come up with a design that will work!

  • Finishes

    Types of finishes we specialise in!

    Raw/ Brushed/ Sanded

    Raw finishes are great if you are trying to achieve an aged - silvered look, or want to finish the door yourself.


    Unfortunately, if left unattended for to long, this could lead to one side of the door drying out faster then the other, and creating a bow or twist. For this reason, we recommend applying a light preseverative oil as a minimum.


    For more information, get in touch with our finishing experts!

    Osmo Oil

    Osmo can be used for internal and external uses, and is still our number one clear finish option, thanks to its soft and velvety feel.


    As Osmo is made from natural oils, such as; Linseed, carnauba, candeilla, sunflower, soybean, thistle and mixed with waxes, it is deemed food safe and can be used in our Benchtop range too.


    For more information, get in touch with our finishing experts!


    Toning or recolouring timber to suit the house without breaking the budget.


    Most of the time staining would only be recommended if a timber is either two weak in colour for the room, or not brown enough.


    If we are to colour match to something that is pre-existing, we would start off with the correct timber tone (timber either has a warm tone, i.e. red, pink, or a cool tone i.e. green)


    For more information, get in touch with our finishing experts!

    Acrylic Clear

    Unlike the oil finishes, acrylic is designed be a protective film over the timber. Giving it a synthetic feel.


    Acrylic is great for trying to keep the colour of the timber without darkening, tinting or yellowing straight away. Unfortunately, over time, the clear will yellow before silvering.


    Maintenance for Acrylic clears, typically involves sanding the old coat off the timber and re applying. This Process can take up to a few day to completely do and needs to be done if clear starts to crack or peel away. Acrylic usually lasts 2-3 years.


    For more information, get in touch with our finishing experts!

    White Liming

    For a Scandinavian, sleek modern look, white liming on American oak is a no brainer. To really get the full effectiveness of the white liming we start off with wire brushing the timber, to really pronounce the grain, and wipe on and off the liming mix.


    We can do a white lime for interior and exterior, just keep in mind that the more pronounced the grain structure before wire brushing, better the liming effect will be.


    To seal the timber and final coat it, we finish it in an acrylic clear.


    For more information, get in touch with our finishing experts!

    Black Wash

    Darkening and ageing timber before time has had a chance to. Trying to create an aged finished in a controlled environment is always difficult, and can look as if it's manufactured.


    Our wash for doors is similar to the process of white liming, and as a result gives you a unique finish.


    To finish off our Black wash and preserve it, we add a clear Acrylic.


    For more information, get in touch with our finishing experts!


    Traditional Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi has recently been picked back up by architects, and we can see why.


    Traditionally to do a Yakisugi finish, the timber originally chosen would be Cypress and charred to help prevent Decay, insect infiltration and increase resistance to fire. As we don't work with Cypress normally, we can not guarantee the finish will share the same benefits.


    We can also use a charred effect paint, (image attached above) or actually char the timber. If we do char the timber, we seal it with a clear to help prevent black soot transferring to everything and everyone who walks by it.


    For more information, get in touch with our finishing experts!

    Bleached - Beach

    Extreme blonde or even drift wood-esk.


    Bleaching the timber is a bit of an unknown on how much of the original colour we can pull out. Typically we are always left with a slightly pale yellow colour in the timber, and can't bleach to a white. To take the yellow edge off the bleached timber, we add a watered down custom liming mix to either make the timber grey, white or even darker than normal.


    Every job will require a finishing sample with the timber used on your door to finalise tones and get an idea on how the bleach will react with the timber.


    For more information, get in touch with our finishing experts!



    Bold colours or even subtle ones can add to the value of an item. Whether it's a piece of furniture or entry door, the finish is crucial.


    With no limit on colours, we have a dedicated team ready to finish in either a water/oil base enamel, or acrylic. It all depends on the application.


    For more information, get in touch with our finishing experts!





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