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Freestanding furniture

Freestanding Furniture is anything that has the ability to be moved around the room without unbolting or pulling apart. The main and most common from of free standing furniture is the range of tables, consoles and even book shelves. If it has feet, it can be moved!

Tables are such a big part of our life, its where the family share a meal, or even business deals are made. For something we don't think about all that often, it has a big part in our lives. The size, finish, shape and even the colour are important factors in creating the perfect table for any situation. With the help of our experienced team we are able to ensure that every table, console or book shelf get the care and attention needed from concept to creation to delivery.

With all our furniture being custom made, no job is to small and no job to big. Just let us know what you are thinking, and together we can build your dream furniture

Here is a few past jobs we have done

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