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Traditional Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi has recently been picked back up by the west, and we understand why.

Traditionally to do a Yakisugi finish, the timber originally chosen would be Cypress or Cedar and charred to help prevent Decay, insect infiltration and increase resistance to fire. As we don't work with Cypress or Cedar normally, we can not guarantee the finish will share the same benefits.

We can also use a charred effect paint, (image attached above) to achieve a similar effect. If we do char the timber, we seal it with a clear to help prevent black soot transferring to everything and everyone who walks by it.

Both samples are available.

Timber options to choose from are;

Recycled Blonde's
Recycled Red's
Sleeper Cores
New BlackButt
New Spotted Gum
New American Oak
New Cambia Ash

Samples volumes fluctuate, so please get in contact if you need more than available online
All options are out of stock
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