Black Wash

Black Wash

A Black wash is a great way to create characters and depth of colour within a piece without using rustic timbers. Trying to create an aged finished in a controlled environment is always difficult, and can look as if it's manufactured. Our Black Wash finish is deigned to look as if it was intended creating a authentic aged look without looking like Disney.

Our wash for doors is similar to the process of white liming, and as a result gives you a unique finish.

To finish off our Black wash, we add a sealer coat of Acyclic clear. We are in the process of testing another sealing option.

Timber options to choose from are;

Recycled Blonde's
Recycled Red's
Recycled Tallow
Sleeper Cores
New BlackButt
New Spotted Gum
New Tallow
New American Oak
New Cambia Ash

Samples volumes fluctuate, so please get in contact if you need more than available online.

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