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And Plantation Shutters

Custom Screens

Screens or room dividers are able to be fabricated in any configuration. All screens can be designed by our design team to your needs. A 3D drawing will be sent to you with the interpreted design on it so you know what you will be purchasing.

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Vertical Louvres

Vertical louvres can be operable (as shown here) or fixed depending on needs. If we are unable to source sufficiently wide blades we will laminate timber together to make up required blade width.

We offer traditional louvres in a variety of styles to suit your taste and design specifications. Flexible and versatile in design, our louvres are manufactured to allow the frames and the blades to give privacy and still allow airflow and sunlight in

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Plantation Shutters

Hardwood or softwood, we have the ability to make any shutter needed. Plantation Shutters are delightful for window furnishings, for they have generous amount of uses and ability other window furnishing can not provide.

Shutters (depending on how open the blade is) provides excellent natural lighting to a room while maintaining privacy. As the shutters are also made from timber they are a fantastic insulator. For any room they are in the shutters will help maintain the cooler temperature in summer and keep the heat in, in winter.

In our Australian Hardwood range, we are able to get the frames for the shutters down to allow more light and air flow within each panel. As well as the ability to make and design the shutters, we like to consider the level of security needed, which reflex's how they are manufactured and installed. That way you would need to just relay on the strength of the timber to protect your home.

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With over 50 years experience in manufacturing and 20 years experience in custom shutters, Open Shutters is more that qualified to help with all shutters and screens enquires. While Open Shutters specialises in Cedar Bib'n Brace takes everything in-between with the help and expertises of the Open Shutters team.

The Map of Australia, Made in 2001. Photo taken Nov 2020