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    Architectural Products From Recycled Australian Timbers

  • Doors & Jambs

    We make a variety of solid timber and composite door styles, primarily out of recycled timbers. All doors are custom made to your desired size.


    We can, and usually do provide hardwood jambs, weather seals, hinges, locks and handles.


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    Screens define spaces with a fixed element like Shutters, Louvres, Partition walls or as is the case of the image attached a combination of Grey Glass and Mirrors set within a lattice of American Walnut integrated with the Stairs


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    Bench Tops and Vanities

    Modern finishes and adhesives on the high density old growth hardwoods allow us to confidently provide timber bench tops that will give an effective service life in excess of 10 years


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    Furniture for us is free standing and is ideally designed and made to be of value to future generations.


    Dining tables, Consoles, TV cabinets, Coffee Tables and Spice racks are all examples of furniture that w have designed and made for clients.


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    Recycled timber features add an organic element that provides a sense of legacy or history to any clean modern space.


    Ideal Features include Bed Heads, Floating Shelves, Mantle Pieces, Mirrors and Furniture


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  • Product Collections

    A Collection of Doors

    A Collection of Screens

    A Collection of Bench Tops & Vanities

    A Collection of Freestanding Furniture

    A Collection of Features

  • Process

    Communication, Creation and Completion



    Contact us with your needs/ wants and we will interpret and prepare a Scope recommending materials, finishes and styles for you.



    From the Scope we will prepare an estimate of cost, if acceptable we will prepare a 3D drawing of your job and finish samples as needed. This gives us an opportunity to ensure we have an optimum design before any timber is cut.



    Your job is then fabricated from the 3D drawings and to finish samples bearing in mind that we are working with recycled timbers that only reveal themselves when the years of detritus is cleaned off them so we will never get exactly the same finish as seen in a sample.



    When the product is finished we send a confirmation photo of the job and discuss times for delivery or installation. Production resources are finite, hence lead times vary subject to work flow.



    Once the product is delivered and installed you will have many years of enjoyment with it.

  • Finishes

    For us, it is easier to talk in Themes rather than Finishes as each piece of recycled timbers is unique but will fit within a broad theme that has a range of colours and textures.

    Industrial/ Rustic

    Great way to bring character and warmth into your home

    Weathered timbers, brushed to smooth leaving the original saw and wear marks. Colouring will be impacted by exposure to sunlight, dirt and in some cases smoke. Grey weathered timbers are most sought after and consequently we are always on the look out for more.


    We use a handful of finishing techniques for our Rustic style:

    • Washed and Brushed - where timbers are washed and brushed with either wire, nylon or sisal brushes to smooth rough grain
    • Oiled - we use Osmo oil to protect and preserve the smooth texture, unfortunately the application of any finish tends to darken the surface colour.
    • Stain/ Clear Water Acrylic provides a longer service life than oils so ideal for well protected areas.


    Thick lines, clean sections, traditionally painted the white-grey range

    Hampton style is very clean substantial look with painted surfaces contrasting with feature natural finishes like stone, iron or timber. Paint finishes can be rubbed back to show subtle colour changes of different layers of paint or aged with coloured waxes to give the timeless, comfortable classic look.

    • Timbers sanded and lightly brushed to ensure subtle grain emphasising genuine solid timber used
    • Oil or Acrylic paints in Satin, Matte or special finishes as needed



    Clean timbers with defined lines

    Having spent my lifetime growing up with a Danish master craftsman, I have an appreciation for the effort it takes to think through the obvious and ignore all that is not essential and emphasise what matters.

    In our Scandinavian theme we leave the timber to be timber, finished with subtle Matte oils that feel soft and smooth. Where the grain needs carving out to remove hard edges or splinters we do, blending the carving with the natural grain. Where a joint is required, we make a feature of it, where strength is required, we ensure it is obvious.

    • Dressed, Sanded and Brushed the timbers are polished to a soft smooth finish, often with undulations following natural features or old bolt holes
    • Oiled with an Osmo Matte oil or Matt acrylic that leaves the timber smooth to touch and is relatively easy to re-coat if damaged or worn
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  • 2020 Sustainable Showcase

    A Quick Summary

    The Central Coast Sustainability Association organised a showcase to promote sustainable business on the Central Coast. As Founding members of the CCSA we were involved from concept to closing night.


    It was a massive effort put in by all, and with only 3 months to organises the inaugural CCSA Sustainable Business showcase, we had the best possible outcome. Over the two days we had 14 Speakers 10 Exhibitors and 155 visitors, we were at full capacity.


    It was fantastic to work with some amazing people and to have the community support the event. We are looking forward to the next one!

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  • Corrion Prestige

    "The door looks fantastic, feels solid, finish is really beautiful, your service was second to none"


    "You have stolen the show. Massive thank you for your work. Everyone loves it"

    Bert and Sarah

    "We love our new spice rack and chopping board, thank you very much!"


    "Bruce designed a pergola for our back garden and it looks absolutely fantastic... Stunning timber and great design, it creates a unique outdoor space. Bruce and Matt did a wonderfully efficient job installing the pergola... Bruce is great to deal with, he is very committed to his work, a great craftsman."


    "Thank you so much for your craftsmanship on this job, the pieces you have created are just beautiful and you should be really proud, they look amazing and certainly get a WOW from all who see them"

  • About Us

    Traditional Values. Modern Efficiencies


    Founder Bruce Cottrill, who has been in the manufacturing industry for 35 years, built Bib'n Brace on traditional values he learnt while working with his father who is a Danish Cabinet Maker.


    Resourceful/ Sustainable


    Our main source of timber is from demolition yards, the framing timbers that get pulled out of a house are still structurally sound to be used as furniture and have a chance to be given a second chance before it is disregarded.
    We also source timber through the client themselves. Clients who are renovating or building new from a demolished lot have some timbers salvaged and would like to have a part of the 'old house' in the new house. This is also a great way to keep costs down.
    Quality is measured by three factors - price, materials and a product's life span. Most competitors mistake quality for quantity, meaning all of their products are to the same size, design, and finish. We work very hard to make sure the door you are paying for is what you want (down to the finest detail) and it will withstand the test of family use.



    We work hard to develop open communication with all customers and build a strong relationship.
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