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Tony and Bec's Deck

Case study
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Tony and Bec had a 30-year old hardwood deck that was becoming unsafe. In certain spots, the timber had rotted right through!
Rather than taking the timber to the Tip, they asked if we could use it. While I hadn't recovered decking timbers since making the family dining table as an apprentice, I was confident we could do it and said we would give it a go.
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Tony and Bec where interested in what we could do for screening the ends of the deck and ultimately replace the handrails and balustrades.
We suggested a woven screen made from their old decking as it looks the same from both sides. They didn't believe the timber would be much good, but had seen other projects we had done, so were keen to see what we could do.
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Once the timber had been de-nailed and dressed, they saw the beautiful patina of the timber with the surface checking and nail holes. They were so delighted with the result they gave us the go ahead to make one of the end screens.
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Tony and Bec were thrilled with the end result, the price and the story that came with the screen. They are now looking forward to getting the rest of the handrail replaced once they have finished the Lenai overlooking the pool.
Stay tuned for the next update on Tony and Bec's renovation, which includes decking, a courtyard refurbishment, a table and an aquaponics fernery.